Thanks to Costco and S&W Foods/DelMonte Foods

We made a quick trip to Costco yesterday and as can frequently happen, we left with more than we had on our list. In this case it wasn’t a bad thing. We’ve noticed that Costco is become progressively more gluten free friendly.

There has been a whole freezer full of this the last few times we’ve shopped there.


These have also come home with us more than once.


These noodles were a new to us item yesterday, and we are looking forward to trying them.


I had been thinking that I would like to make a large batch of pizza sauce and freeze it. After all less than $3 for a huge can of tomato sauce plus some seasonings is way less expensive than buying pizza sauce in small jars.

I picked up this can of tomato sauce and didn’t even thinking about reading the ingredients until Guy looked at it.

The ingredient list contains “natural flavors” and as many of you know that can be a hidden source of gluten. We couldn’t find any information on it in Guy’s apps or online while we were in the store, but decided to buy it anyway and research more later. I sent a question to them while we were on our way home and got a response today. The sauce is gluten free and they included this list of their gluten free products.

So today, I’m a little more information rich.


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