Let’s Eat Cake!

We had two birthday’s in our immediate family during a two-week period.  Which meant I had the opportunity to try out gluten-free cake recipes.  Let me just say there is nothing healthy about these except for the fact they won’t cause problems because of gluten.

I’ve been going through cookbook after Gluten Free cookbook from our local library and both of these cakes came from one of those books. 

For those who really know me it should come as no surprise that my cake was lemon.  Lemon Layer cake to be exact.  The cake was lemon, there was a lemon curd filling and lemon frosting.  It was excellent!  Probably one of the best lemon cakes I’ve ever had!

The cake was slightly more crumbly than cakes made with wheat flour, but that wasn’t a problem.

Jesse chose a German Chocolate Cake for his birthday, it was also superb!

Again a little more crumbly that non GF cakes, but we had no problem scarfing it down.

The cookbook —

The library copy I used was copyrighted in 2006, however a second edition was released in 2008 with several more copies.  After trying these two cakes, I decided this was a book worth owning and it has now been added to my cookbook collection.

Oh all the cake is long gone, so it won’t do you any good to stop by for a slice.


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  1. Sandra said,

    April 1, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Guy is blessed with a caring wife who takes challenges seriously–and with flair!

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