Tamale First

I currently subscribe to 295 blogs and that number increases every time I find another one that interests me.  This morning as I was reading new content through Google reader one of the blogs had step by step instructions for vegetarian tamales.  It caught my interest because the tamales were naturally gluten-free and because they were vegetarian.  I had never had tamales.  They are sold from cars along the road here, but most of them are some sort of meat, usually pork and they generally have lard in the masa portion.  When I saw the recipe, I thought why not?

Several hours later I had this stack of tamales ready to steam.

The steaming process took 1-1/2 hours and finally I had my first taste of tamales.

As you already know I have nothing with which to compare these.  So I’m going off taste alone — I thought they were very good, as did Guy and Nolan.  As soon as Jesse heard it was something new,  he  had already decided he didn’t like it — so his opinion doesn’t count. 

They were labor intensive, but worth doing again.  I got 21 out of the recipe and froze half of them.  So where did I find the directions?  At the Tasty Kitchen blog.  I think these could be made vegan without too much trouble — try Earth Balance margarine rather than butter and just leave out the cheese.


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