Stroganoff (Vegan)

***Edited — This recipe is NOT gluten free.  I suppose you could substitute GF noodles and Tofu for the Seitan.  I think the Seitan made this recipe so haven’t tried it.  I also haven’t checked the ingredient list on the dairy free sour cream so can’t say whether it is gluten free.***

I was introduced to this recipe  a few years ago and it is generally liked by the majority of the household.  I started to take pictures of the process, but I think the recipe is self explanatory.  The recipe can be found here.  (By the way the missing quantity for celery salt should be 1/8 teaspoon).  As I may have mentioned before, Opicky Wan will not eat anything with which mushrooms have come in contact .  So I left out the mushrooms and doubled the celery.  For the “meat”, I used the gluten steaks I made in this post (they had been in the freezer).  Last night I served it over whole wheat rotini.

This morning I had it over toasted homemade bread for breakfast.

And Guy took a container of it for today’s lunch.  It doesn’t make that much!  I almost always double the recipe because it is so good as leftovers.

If you cannot find the Chicken Seasoning mention see this post for a recipe to make your own.


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