Potato Gnocchi with Tofu Alfredo Sauce

***Edited — This recipe was NOT gluten free, and since it was in a library book I don’t have it handy to look at and see if substitutions would work.***

I picked up The Candle Cafe Cookbook by Joy Pierson and Bart Potenza at the library.  A lot of the recipes look really good and I went to Amazon thinking I might buy it.  It had mixed reviews.  A lot of the reviews were outstanding, but a few questioned the quantities used in the book.  I’m glad I read the reviews before proceeding with this recipe.  I’ve never made Gnocchi before so this was  a first.  This recipe included sun dried tomatoes and roasted red pepper and was pretty good.  I was out of whole wheat pastry flour so substituted a half and half combination of whole wheat flour and unbleached flour.

 The Alfredo sauce called for a whole head of garlic to one pound of tofu.  I cut the garlic almost in half and it was still very strong garlic (I liked it, but it could have a little less garlic.) 

Just in case the Alfredo sauce wasn’t a hit, I also heated a basil spaghetti sauce from a jar. 

I rolled and cut the gnocchi as the recipe directed, but I tossed it in a bowl prior to boiling it.  That was a mistake.  The gnocchi in the bottom of the bowl lost its shape and returned to dough.  The recipe made a lot and at the end I was just scooping the dough by small spoonfuls and dropping it in the boiling water.  Everyone here agreed this dish was acceptable.

As you can see we also had summer squash (a gift from my friend Ann from her husband’s garden), I sautéed that with a very small amount of olive oil, added a little salt and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herbs and it was yummy!

The green beans were from a can — no salt added, then I could add a more acceptable amount of salt while cooking.


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