***Edited — This is a gluten free meal, as long as the corn chips are gluten free.***

Unless you’ve spent time around Adventists,  “haystacks” probably don’t sound like a meal.  But if you spend much time around Adventists, you will be introduced to haystacks.  They are served in school cafeterias, at church dinners and often at informal get-togethers.  What is a haystack?  It is similar to taco salad or a tostada.  The pictures that follow document the haystack I made tonight.

I usually make my haystack in a bowl to constrain the size, but for these pictures I made it on a plate so it would be easier to see.  First corn chips.  I like to crush them some so they are easier to eat.

Add a scoop or two of chili.

Then a little rice.

Ooops, yes I succumbed to some Tillamook cheddar cheese tonight.

Add a few green onions.

Pile on the shredded lettuce.

Spice it up with fresh salsa.

Top it all off with a dollop of sour cream.

Does that picture adequately illustrate why they are called haystacks?  The layers I show here are certainly not the limit.  I’ve also had or seen the following on a haystack — olives, tomatoes, catsup, jalapenos, and/or a wedge of lime squeezed on top.  Each person makes their own stack so let your imagination run wild!  I think I’ll go eat.


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